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I'm junior at Andover High School. Who Likes to do stuff you know...

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Hi! I am Ayush Zenith, a junior from Andover High School, Andover, MA. I am a tinkerer, "nerd", programmer, and a hobbyist. In my free time I play a lot of video games, eat, spend time with friends, and read up on latest technology.


Ayush Zenith, Michael Peng, Sarvesh Handa, and Aadith Arasu

Our application is the GUI for a heads-up display. It is an Android app that was written all in less than 24 hours at MAHacks 2018. It is designed to be completely handsfree and we have our own Natural Language Processing Logic implemented. It uses the Google Maps API and the Directions API and can take many vocal commands.

TicTacToe over LAN

Ayush Zenith

Its TicTacToe over lan or locally in Java Change the IP of the server in the program and it should work...

Ecybermission National Finalist

Ayush Zenith, William Hung, Kyle Greenwood, Eltiken Wayet

Prolonged power outages cost Americans about $70 billion each year, according to research conducted by team Blackout. In an effort to offset some of these losses, and to protect people from foodborne illnesses, they created a refrigerator adjunct that senses temperature and alerts owners through an app when their refrigerator has reached unsafe temperatures and for how long. This allows users to know if their food is safe to consume or if it must be discarded. Blackout believes this will save millions of dollars in food waste as well as saving lives lost from consuming spoiled food.

Molecular Compound Dictionary-Web Scraping

Ayush Zenith and Justin Dao

Molecular Compound Dictionary is a tool to look up information on various chemical compounds. This is a quick and easy way to gather data on chemical compounds by providing its name or CID. When the user inputs information, the program will provide the molecular formula, the molecular weight, and CID or name depending on which one is the input. This uses the National Center for Biotechnology Information database for information. This program utilizes string manipulation in reading the HTML files in order to gather this information quickly.

Energize Andover-BACnet Electric Gauge for AHS

Ayush Zenith

One word summary of the application?
Simply put 'Gauges'

What is the application about?
The application in its current stage basically a live gauge for monitoring electricity usage around Andover High School.

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